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Thaebus is a company in the city of Frutillar engaged in intercity passenger transport, private transport and rural transport. By the end of 2019, the company has about 23 buses in the intercity segment.

Update: 09 November 2020

What routes does Thaebus take?

The company operates 2 routes:

  • Santiago – Temuco – Osorno – Puerto Varas – Puerto Montt (12 hours end-to-end travel)
  • Concepción – Osorno – Puerto Varas – Puerto Montt (8 hours end-to-end travel)

Thaebus Terminals

How to buy a Thaebus ticket?

Thaebus Prices (Low Season)

Obviously it is best to check it on the internet and convert Chilean pesos to dollars (1 dollar is usually changed between $650 and $800 Chilean pesos). In high season (January, February, long holidays, July holidays, Fiestas Patrias) prices can go up between 50% and 100%.

  • Santiago to Osorno: $15,000 Salon Cama on the Internet
  • Santiago to Puerto Montt: $15,000 Salon Cama on the Internet
Thaebus Contact Channels

Thaebus Travel Experiences and Audiovisual Material

As a transport traveler and blogger I have had to experience (and have been able to document) the following on my Youtube channel

Interesting Thaebus tips as a tourist and transport fan

  • The company is one of the few that serves the route Puerto Varas – Ensenada – Saltos de Petrohué – Petrohué as a rural route. If you come in the area, I highly recommend that you make this rural route.
  • Buses feature an app called ThaebusPlay to watch entertainment on your device, this for long-distance travel.
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